"Train-Pain-Recovery" Cycle

Are you suffering from chronic training pain or totally trapped in the cycle of "train-injury-recovery"? Are you spending tons of money on physiotherapy, but the pain will just come back again and again after you start to train?

A Brand New Opportunity

that can really help you out!

Are you wondering if there's something you are not doing right but just don't know how to change? Can you imagine if one day you will be training happily with complete confidence and without the bother of chronic pain?

Reach 100% Potential & 0 Pain

Through Body Alignment Training

Help you PR after a long time of plateau; Reduce chronic pain to enable you to train with confidence; Bring Longevity to your training life; Contribute to you becoming a happier person.

Pricing options

$600 savings for yearly payment

We do everything to ensure your success

  • Training Program

    Customized training program based on your own assessment and needs

  • Live Coaching & Webinar

    Weekly live coaching sessions to ensure you are do the right trainings!

  • Assessment

    Quarterly assessment to track all your progress

Platinum Members' Feedbacks


I feel much better physically. The pain in my left hand and shoulder has decreased a lot. I feel more comfortable and fluid when I snatch and clean. Thank you for your excellent work!!


From ATG challenge in Feb

I was surprised how much difference I felt after the BAT! My right knee felt kind of strained when I did air squats before, but my knee was moving much better after, which is the biggest difference I noticed today. After the BAT, I was not shifting side to side like I usually do. Excited to notice some changes already!