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3 themed live coaching sessions / 1-on-1 Body Alignment Assessment / A webinar on Mar 25 / An E-book "unlocking the secrets to pain-free shoulders" by Gaby Q / An exclusive group

An E-book authored by Gaby Q

Unveils the secrets to pain-free shoulders, that might totally change your current training mindset!

A story of 100% Pain & 0 Potential

The secret behind pain-free training

3 Themed Live Coaching Sessions

Ensure you do the trainings right! (playback available)

  • Breath training to restore the space & mobility in your ribs

    Mar 19 (SUN) 9:30 am EST 13:30 pm GMT

  • Train your arms as one unit

    Mar 21 (TUE) 21:00 pm EST (+1) 1:00 am GMT

  • Train your arms with rotations

    Mar 23 (THU) 21:00 pm EST (+1) 1:00 am GMT

Clients' Feedbacks on Body Alignment Training


I feel much better physically. The pain in my left hand and shoulder has decreased a lot. I feel more comfortable and fluid when I snatch and clean. Thank you for your excellent work!!


From ATG challenge in Feb

I was surprised how much difference I felt after the BAT! My right knee felt kind of strained when I did air squats before, but my knee was moving much better after, which is the biggest difference I noticed today. After the BAT, I was not shifting side to side like I usually do. Excited to notice some changes already!

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